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CompSIGtips mailing list


The CompSIGtips list is for people who people who want to learn more about how to use their computer. Only people subscribed to the list can post to the list.


Subscribers are expected to use discretion in posting a message. Improper language and rude or irresponsible messages won't be tolerated. We reserve the right to accept, reject, or revoke membership for any reason.


Please keep in mind that CompSIGtips List is managed by a volunteer who must manage a number of list duties not visible to the subscribers. Be sure that the volunteer manager will attend to all administration, queries, etc. in a timely matter - but responses to queries will not be immediate.


Generally acceptable topics include


Unacceptable topics include




List commands


Please note: you will need to receive 4 messages from the software before you succeed in subscribing (you only get one when you successfully unsubscribe.) Most of the maintenance activities such as subscribe, unsubscribe, and change of address for the dist-gen list are handled by the list server program and response is immediate.


The program requires that commands be in a specific format. If it does not understand your command it will bounce the message back to you. Just fix it up and resend it. Some normally unseen activities are done by a human volunteer who will attempt to attend to them in a timely manner.


Conditions of use

AFHS administers the CompSIGtips list as a service; access to and use of the list is guided by the following conditions which are required of all subscribers. These conditions may be revised occasionally; when that happens, they will be distributed to all subscribers of the list.