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AFHS mailing list (formerly Dist-Gen)

Note: this page is being modified due to a necessary switch from Dist-Gen to
a new mailing list. The information below will be updated shortly.



The AFHS Mailing List is for those who have an interest in genealogy in the Calgary area. It is also used for discussing AFHS, SIG and SIGlet issues. If you are interested in technology issues that face genealogists (e.g., genealogical software, computer security, website development), please consider joining our compsigtips mailing list.


Subscribers are expected to use discretion in posting messages. Improper language and rude or irresponsible messages will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to accept, reject, or revoke membership for any reason.


You must join the mailing list to post a message to it.


Bear in mind that Dist-Gen is managed by a volunteer who must manage a number of list duties not visible to the subscribers. The manager will attend to all administration, queries, etc. in as timely a manner as possible, but responses to queries may not be immediate.


Generally acceptable topics include:


Unacceptable topics include:


Virus warning messages are the job of the list owner if required. You should check out all virus information using a virus information Library to see if you are infected or if a warning message is a hoax. Some excellent libraries are: McAfee | AVG Free | Norton | CA Technologies




List Commands


Most of the maintenance activities such as subscribe, unsubscribe, and change of address are handled by majordomo and response is immediate. The program requires that commands be in a specific format. If it does not understand your command it will bounce the message back to you. Just fix it up and resend it.


Some unseen activities are performed by a human volunteer who will attempt to attend to them in a timely manner.



AFHS administers Dist-Gen as a service. Access to and use of Dist-Gen is guided by the following conditions which are required of all subscribers. The conditions may be revised occasionally, in which case they will be distributed to all subscribers of Dist-Gen.






Messages are archived at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dist-gen/


You do not need to join Yahoo or Join this Group to access the archives. There is no charge for this service but you will have to accept the ads that appear on the right of the archived message. Please note that this is a public archive so anyone can access it.