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18 Jul 2002



Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online


The data in these newspaper announcement extractions were prepared by AFHS volunteers Stan and Judy Sparrow, Glen and Kaye Clarke and Barb Lafrentz and edited by Judie Riddell. These extractions which have been alphabetized and combined came from microfilms of the birth, death, and marriage announcements in Calgary Newspapers during the year 1900.

ALB = Albertan            DH = Calgary Herald Daily            WH=Calgary Herald Weekly

In some instances events were described in two or more papers and may have conflicting information. Not all issues of the 1900 newspapers were filmed and so there may be gaps. For further information, please use our Query system.

The AFHS is constantly building its collection of genealogically-relevant data sources and welcomes contributions or suggestions of projects that could be undertaken. See our Data Projects page for cemetery, newspaper, and other transcription projects that are available online and in print.