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Turner Valley Oilfields Death Index, 1998

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This data was compiled by Florence Denning who tells us: "I started this project with the thought in mind that perhaps the local oilfields people who were still living here and those who moved on with the oil industry would be interested as to what had happened to the many who had lived in the Turner Valley Oilfields over the years.


"I had saved quite a few obituaries over the years and knew of several others who had done the same. I decided that if I did not get busy and put something together all would be lost. Many of the oldtimers were passing away and carefully saved obits were being thrown out along with articles about the area.


"I wrote to a number of people I had gone to school with and my mother did the same to help me out. I had a great response. I also put letters in many papers around the province. The word was passed around to friends and relatives in other provinces. I realize that the index is far from complete as there are so many that I have nothing for and do not know where they last lived."


Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable.


Basic information has been provided on this website. Additional information (e.g., monument inscriptions and burial information that may include exact birth and death dates, parents, spouse, etc.) may be available in some cases and can be obtained through our query process. A small fee will apply.


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Many cemetery indexes and crematorium indexes have been prepared as paper publications by the AFHS and are available for purchase.