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Search newspaper records of births, marriages and deaths


Results may take a few moments to load as there are more than 38,000 newspaper records to search. This database is growing all the time so check back regularly.


Names are not necessarily listed in order. Please look at the whole page!


The wildcard '%' may be used to refine your search. For instance, if you have various spellings of the name Anderson, you may wish to enter Ander% in the search box.


Key to newspaper abbreviations

  • AB or ALB = The Albertan

  • CH = Calgary Herald

  • DH or CHD = Calgary Herald Daily

  • WH = Calgary Herald Weekly


Other abbreviations

  • B = Birth

  • BD = Birthday Remembrance or Celebration Announcement

  • D = Death

  • FM = Forthcoming Marriage (Engagement) Announcement

  • M = Marriage or Memoriam


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