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Cemetery lookup indexes


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Since the Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS) first had a website, the Projects Committee has offered a searchable index to its Cemetery Transcriptions Database. This database, which has been recorded over the past 25 years by numerous volunteers, is based on monument and burial information from various cemeteries in Calgary and the surrounding region.


Basic information in this index includes Name, Birth/Death Years and Cemetery Name. This index is an introduction to the full database, which can include Monument Inscription, Burial Data and Photograph of marker. Due to circumstances beyond our control, not every entry will contain all this information.


There are presently 197,000 records in this index!


The full databases from various cemeteries are available from the AFHS Store in paper publication or CD format. Information and/or available photographs can be purchased for individual entries through .


Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable.


To identify other cemetery indexes that may advance your work, please consult our Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry and select the province of interest.


Have you found graves disturbed, gravemarkers moved - or other disturbing signs of disrespect in graveyards? Learn more about advocacy in this area by visiting the Saving Graves website.


Visitors to the Calgary area and residents may be interested in making a trip out to one of the area cemeteries or having direct contact with the cemetery administrative office. The following will be a brief guide to this information.