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Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry


The Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry is a free electronic resource for the genealogical community. It answers:


Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry

We help eliminate duplication of work by providing a central place where small and large genealogy projects can be listed. This Registry is a place where you can find out which extraction/transcription projects are planned, underway, or have been completed.


There are no charges to those who visit and use our Projects Registry, or to those individuals and organizations who ask us to list their projects. It is a project of the Alberta Family Histories Society and its volunteers. However, professional or commercial fees may be charged for data access - that will be the prerogative of individual project stewards. By visiting the respective website or contact point provided such details will be provided by those project stewards.


Anyone can submit a project: a person, a group of people, a society, a business, or a government department/agency. You are not required to have a website to submit; however, we do require that you provide either a mailing address or a phone number so that the site visitor can be in touch with the project manager or steward. You still are owner/steward/developer of the data resource. We simply are creating an online inventory of genealogical projects underway or completed.


You may contact non-Canadian genealogical p by:


To submit a project, simply send us an email that answers the following questions:


We place no conditions on participation in the Registry, but would be pleased if you would provide a link to this page from your website. We are providing an image (right) that you can incorporate into your site. If your work is in paper form, you could save this image and reference the website on your publication, with a statement such as "A proud participant in the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry."



This project was the brainchild of the past AFHS Projects Chair, Janet Morgan, who has developed many indexes that are helpful to genealogists researching in Southern Alberta.


Alberta Genealogical Society made a very substantial contribution to the Registry by compiling and supplying AFHS with a database listing of a great many of the recording and transcription projects for the Province.



Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the preparation of the items in the Registry, but human errors are always possible. If you find an error of any sort, please advise us so that we can look into the matter and look after it immediately. Wherever possible, we have provided links to online indexes to information and identified the stewards. By contacting them, you may be able to acquire more data than appears in the online sources as a response to a specific query or by purchasing a publication. There may be fees set by the data stewards for such additional information.



NEHGS awardNEHGS Technology Excellence Award from the New England Historic Genealogical Society; we received their first annual Genealogy Technology Achievement Award for the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry. Janet Morgan and Judith Rempel attended the GenTech conference in San Diego to receive the award on behalf of the AFHS.





Dick Eastman mentioned us in his newsletter in January 1999.