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Requesting Research Assistance

The AFHS is pleased to offer a substantial query support program for our members and visitors. In order that our volunteer resources be wisely used, we request that you consider the following carefully-designed resources first before requesting service. You can expect a reply to your query from one of our volunteers within two weeks.


The mission of AFHS is, in part, to assist and encourage others in family history research. If part of your request for family history research involves locating descendants of your ancestors, this may be done. However, no exchange of addresses will be made without the permission of all parties concerned. We will not undertake searches for adoptees, birth parents, or living folk. We will, however, advise you of other agencies or individuals who may be able to assist.


What you should do first:

  1. If you are just starting your research, you should first consult our 16-chapter Getting Started Guide for strategies that are likely to work for you.
  2. If you are seeking information about Canadian data sources, you should first consult our Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry where you can immediately narrow your search by selecting the PROVINCE of interest, then the EVENT of interest (e.g. death, birth, census), and then SOURCE TYPE (e.g. civil record, church record, newspaper account). The last step is to search the resources for the specific community of interest. This is the largest finding aid of its kind in Canada, with over 9,000 links to genealogical data.
  3. If you are seeking assistance in a geographically-specific area, you should first consult our substantial links (about 1500) to geographic-specific resources that go around the globe. The entry points can be found on our Aids section.
  4. If you are trying to see if we have any information about a specific person in our databases, please conduct a search of our site first. The search box is found on the lower left corner of our homepage.
  5. If you are looking for a different audience you can ask for an insertion into the Chinook, the quarterly magazine of the Society. This magazine goes to all members of the Society and to many libraries around the world.



When you select one of the following query types, you will find a specific fee structure outlined - where it applies. Because our volunteers need to feel that their efforts are also helping the AFHS as well as inquirers, we have set some modest and fair fees for the research services that they offer. These fees are paid to the AFHS, and go towards paying for the reference books and electronic tools to keep up this service. Exact cost of the service will be identified by the volunteer, after which you can proceed with one of the payment options.


Note: Due to increased costs at various repositories, effective 1 Dec 2014, AFHS has implemented an initial fee of $10 paid in advance before volunteers can commence searches regarding any Queries. Should there be any additional costs, the volunteers will inform you of these costs so that you may decide what your total costs will be and what you will receive in return.


Making your Query

  1. I have considered the above resources and find that I have a query that cannot be answered through those resources.
  2. I am requesting:
    • research strategy advice
    • copy of a newspaper announcement (birth, marriage, or death) from the Calgary area
    • additional information about a burial in the Calgary area
    • review of Calgary records for a specific timeframe and a specific person or family
    • an insertion into the Chinook Queries page
    • other - please send an e-mail to outlining your question. Please be sure to be specific as to what information you are seeking -- this will result in a speedier reply.