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Queries - Announcement request form

Calgary-area newspaper announcement or Canadian Census requests can be managed relatively easily by our volunteers, but do generally require a visit to one of three libraries in Calgary - where parking fees and photocopy charges apply. For this reason we charge $10 in advance (which often covers the cost of a newspaper announcement / census page identified and sent.  Should there be additional costs above $10 the volunteers will inform the inquirer the specific nature of these costs.


The information can be sent to the inquirer by postal mail or by e-mail attachment. We will search up to one week's worth of newspapers after the event for this fee. Additional amounts of $5 will be charged for each additional week of newspapers that needs to be searched. Wherever possible we will consult existing newspaper announcement indexes to confine the costs for the inquirer.


Exact cost of the service will be identified by the volunteer, after whch you can proceed wih one of four payment options.


In the case of newspaper announcements, please indicate the maximum number of weeks that should be searched.


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  1. Full Name of key person (deceased, born, household head - stating surname last)*:

  2. Date of Event (year, month, day)

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  4. If requesting a newspaper announcement, please indicate the maximum number of weeks that should be searched (after the date specified above):

  5. Location of Event (community)*:

  6. Other identifying information which you think may be helpful:

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    (Too often, we have replies returned to us due to mis-configured e-mail software - this ensures that we'll be able to reach you if the e-mail fails.) *