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Calgary records search

The Alberta Family Histories Society is pleased to offer a records search from the specified Calgary resources where appropriate.


The Society will strategically search up to five individual resources from the following list for the persons/families you submit:



This service is available for $15.00 for the first name and $10.00 for each additional name requested at the same time. You will receive an e-mailed report of the sources searched and any information resulting from the search. If you wish to have items that are found to be scanned and emailed or photocopied and mailed, there will be an additional $1 charge per item.


Exact cost of the service will be identified by the volunteer, after whch you can proceed wih one of four payment options.


The mission of AFHS is, in part, to assist and encourage others in family history research. We will not undertake searches for adoptees, birth parents, or living persons. These are delicate and specialized areas that require professional assistance. We recommend consulting the AFHS members who have a commercial service, or contracting a private detective to assist you in this kind of search.


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  1. Full Name of key person about whom you are seeking research assistance:*

  2. Given Names that repeat in this family:

  3. Time Period (make as exact as possible):*

  4. Occupation if known:

  5. Faith if known:

  6. Ethnic Origin if known:

  7. Resources already pursued:*

  8. Please provide any additional comments that would clarify the person for whom you are requesting a records search:

  9. Your level of research expertise:
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    Doing this a Few Years (Reasonably Comfortable with What I'm Doing)
    Family History Research Addict (Know What I'm Doing Most of the Time)
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