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Queries - Research strategy request

If an AFHS Volunteer can respond with helpful information about various Alberta resource information that is not already found on our website in a single response the advice will be free.


We hope the following questions will help you refine your question and give us the best opportunity to help you. Only complete the questions for which you have information and which bear on the research assistance for which you'd like help.


If further fees are necessary above the initial advance payment of $10, exact cost of the service will be identified by the volunteer, after whch you can proceed wih one of four payment options.


We do not do personal research.


Query writing tips:


* Required Fields

  1. Full name of key person about whom you are seeking research assistance:

  2. Given names that repeat in this family:

  3. Time period (make as exact as possible):

  4. Geographic focus (make as exact as possible):

  5. Occupation if known:

  6. Faith if known:

  7. Ethnic origin if known:

  8. Resources already pursued:*

  9. Please tell us how you think we could help:*

  10. Please provide any additional comments that would clarify your question:

  11. Your name:*

  12. Your e-mail address:*

  13. Your postal address:*
    (Too often, we have replies returned to us due to mis-configured e-mail software - this ensures that we'll be able to reach you if the e-mail fails.) *

  14. Your community, province/state, country (this will help us point to resources likely in your area)*:

  15. Your level of research expertise*:
    Just getting started (not sure what I'm doing)
    Doing this a few years (reasonably comfortable with what I'm doing)
    Family history research addict (know what I'm doing most of the time)